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Song-Girls is a brand created by Sharon and dedicated to educating pre-teen, tween and teenage girls and boys on the merits of positive creative expression. 


Her original musical "Song-Girl: The Musical - Friendship" premiered In October 2016 at The Triad Theater in New York. Sharon's weekly cartoon "That Song-Girls Show!" featuring real girls singing about real issues, is in production and will debut soon.

"Children Will Listen" sung by Ainsley 

       Ruby singing "Born To Entertain" Holiday Concert 12/19    

Pianist - Anna Dagmar

"The Dog Song" From The Song-Girl Musical: Friendship sung by Annie

Overture from Song-Girls: A Day In The Life

a peak behind "That Song-Girls Show"...

"Empire State of Mind" sung by Jillian 

"Into The Unknown" sung by Nora

a peak behind the Song-Girls...


Sammy singing "Hallelujah"

Nandi singing "Mama A Rainbow"

"Watch" sung by Ellie 

"A Million Dreams" sung by Ariella

"Never Enough" sung by Francesca 

"I Don't Wanna Be You" sung by Eden

"Say Something" sung by Drew 

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